Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All is not Lost

It now looks as though Obama and the Democrats are poised to insert Federal Government into areas that, until now, were the lawful preserve of the private sector. Now we see what Obama meant when he airily referred to "Change." Here we have it:
Change means:

Scrap 300 years of incremental developments in:1. Banking; 2. Steam-cycle power (Starting with James Watt.);3. Self governance (Think US Constitution.); 4.Inventions/Commerce(Making us the envy of the world.).
Replace with: The whim of the all-seeing anointed one, Himself.

Painful though it may be, one can reasonably ask whether a new racism is about to be introduced too.

It’s starting to look a lot like racism . . .

We have a series of racist comments, first by Jeremiah Wright,and now, currently, by Lowery, Reich and Rangel. Each occurrence cannot be a singularity. Nor can the group of occurrences be regarded as coincidence. It must be an established pattern.

A visitor from Mars could only conclude that racists have the ear of the President. Also, that the Democrat Party, as a whole, does not reject racism, nor does Big Media. Where are the voices shouting down Lowery, Reich, Rangel and Wright? Seems to me we’re headed toward a Brave New World. In the future we’ll have alphas and betas. The betas will all be white and the alphas will be brown, black, and red. I shudder for future generations.

The American people can revive liberty by resolving to confront lies and to suppress all feelings of jealousy. Liberty needs to breathe air filled with truth. Jealousy leads to petty injuries to our neighbors and foments distrust. Without trust, Liberty is finished. Tell the truth. Confront lies. Don't pretend to know things when you are ignorant. Don't chisel. Be forthright.